PMA School of Music
PMA music School of management, music, online music, Guitar, Keyboard 044-45501250
PMA music School of management, music, online music, Guitar, Keyboard
PMA music School of management, music, online music, Guitar, Keyboard PMA music School of management, music, online music, Guitar, Keyboard PMA music School of management, music, online music, Guitar, Keyboard PMA music School of management, music, online music, Guitar, Keyboard

About Us

Who are WE?

Love for music and the joy of spreading it has been our inspiration behind PMA music school. With a team of experienced professionals, we make music learning a joyous pursuit. Our name PMA stands for PROGRESS TO MUSIC ALTITUDES and that is what we believe in. We cater to a wide spectrum of learners right from beginners to advanced learners. Whether your pursuit is for pleasure or profession, we make it happen for you.

Where are we?

Right now we are placed in Royapettah, Vepery and Mogappiar and plan to expand throughout Chennai.

How do WE accomplish?

The key differentiator at PMA is not just about the ways of learning Music, but about the ways of keeping the students inspired.

AT PMA , we focus on...
  • Structured lesson patterns enhance quality of learning. We embrace creativity in all its forms and have tie-ups with Trinity College of London and Associated Board of Royal School of Music.
  • THEORY - making the students to understand music and guide the students in composing the music
  • Techniques - making the students improve their musical skills through technical exercises, musical pieces and other activities are imparted
  • Recording Studio visits, Individual Performance Classes, Bi-annual stage performances, Music Workshops keep the students motivated.
  • State of the art Software systems

Our Unique Value Additions
  • Separate instruments for each students and individual attention.
  • THE SPOTLIGHT IS ON THE PERFORMER with performance classes being conducted every month.
  • MUSIC APPRECIATION CLASSES Analysis, workshops and discussion on various forms of music such as Carnatic, Hindustani, Pop, Rock etc. helps you understand music well.
  • Outdoor Experience: students are treated to Concerts, Studio visits to enhance knowledge base and inspire.


  • To achieve Highest standard of music education through an organized, professional, passionate program that inspires and foster musical proficiency and creativity to all age groups.
  • To achieve PMA SCHOOL OF MUSIC as a premier music school in India offering comprehensive western music program that supports a diverse student population.
  • To value and celebrate the excellence in teaching and Innovation achieved by the school faculty.

  • Assisting each student to achieve his /her musical potential by developing program based on student learning needs , abilities and goal.
  • Excellence in teaching by experienced knowledgeable, passionate teacher with proficient knowledge and skills in the areas of music performance ,pedagogy and musicianship. We value ,encourage and promote ongoing professional development.
What age can I start learning Music?

There is really no age bar for learning MUSIC. At PMA, the minimum age to start is 7 years with no upper limit.

Is there a pre-requisite for enroling in PMA?

Your interest is the only pre-requisite. You may walk-in to the nearest branch of PMA and enrol yourself. For Western Vocal classes alone, we have to verify your capabilities, hence an audition before joining is a must.

Should I own an instrument and bring it to the class?

PMA provides instruments for each individual- Separate instruments for each students and individual attention is our mantra. However, once your interests are established, you may want to have your own instrument at home for better practice - practice makes one perfect!!!

What is the timing of classes at PMA?

Monday through Sunday we have classes on all days. There are fixed slots of one hour each between 10 am to 1pm and again from 3.30pm to 8pm (except on Sunday). We are a lot flexible by giving you the slots that you expect - subject to availability.

Do I have to attend exams compulsorily?

NO. But the aim of taking an examination is to indicate that you are making progress. It also gives you something to aim for, a focus for your work, and experience of playing in front of someone who isn't your teacher or your parents. And many a times it is helpful if you are pursuing a career in music at a later stage. PMA helps you prepare for TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON, ABRSM, ROCK SCHOOL exams.